Honor case my thesis!
A student at odds with his project

The following exchange of letters took place this spring

Dear honor council,
Somebody had better change the damn community constitution or J-board code, because my thesis is asking for it. It must be honor cased. And if I can’t bring an honor case against my thesis, I’m gonna start honor casing J-board members until someone starts playing ball. I want to make it known that there’s no reasoning with my thesis (or reason in it), nor can I take the great discomfort and embarrassment my thesis brings upon me every day (not to mention the embarrassment it causes the whole community, especially my thesis adviser). The embarrassment is worse on the days of my thesis meetings. I’m at the end of my rope. My last mediation technique (a.k.a. The Lutz), is not sufficient to suppress my feelings that my thesis causes me to have. My thesis is starting to force me to cut down on my alcohol intake, and this WILL NOT DO!
Pissed off, and sober,
Jim Soto ’01

I would have to agree with you that I see no way for you and your thesis to enter a mediation session that would lead to a positive outcome. Inanimate objects have a nasty habit of clamming up and presenting a very obstinate and recalcitrant face during mediation. I think the only option here is for you to take the high moral ground and decide that no matter how much anguish and embarrassment the production of this thesis causes you, come May you will forgive it and bid it farewell with no ill will.Trust me, the time will come for you and your thesis to go your separate ways in peace.

Until then, good luck and God speed,
Mary James
professor of physics for the honor council

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