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As we kick off a new year by welcoming new graduates to the alumni association and new directors to the alumni association board, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge those members who terms ended this year: Rebecca Chiao '85, Joe Weisman '65, Marianne Colgrove '84, and alumni trustee Robert Gillespie '55-thank you for a job well done. Incoming members this year are Lauren Lassleben '75, Karen Judith Belsey '85, Thomas Patrick McElroy '97, Sara S. Nichols '83, and alumni trustee Carlos de la Huerga '73-welcome!

I am often asked "what does the alumni board do?" Below is a short review of some of your alumni association's significant accomplishments in the past year. If you are already actively involved in Reed's alumni association, thank you. We can't achieve the kinds of things outlined below without your help. If you are not involved, I encourage you to take part in whatever activities interest you, such as your local chapter, reunions, or the oral history project.

Sally Snyder Brunette '83, president of the alumni association

Alumni services committee

  • Developed, oversaw, and reviewed the first online interactive humanities class, in which Reed faculty and alumni followed the curriculum of the senior symposium, Humanities 411.
  • Worked with the college to secure automatic email forwarding for alumni (coming out this fall with the online directory).
  • Developed formal guidelines for the Reed alumni web conference.

College support committee
  • Members served as liaisons with various college offices.
  • Coordinated the feeding frenzy for students at the end of each semester before exams.
  • Presented a "disorientation" guide and commencement gift to new graduates.
  • Promoted programs that inform the student body about the alumni association.

Outreach committee

  • Continued work on the oral history project. Held training sessions, selected area coordinators, and conducted initial interviews.
  • Determined recipients of alumni recognition awards.
  • Continued to work on volunteer leadership development.

    Chapter events included book groups, brew pub tours, picnics, cultural gatherings, and presentations by Reed faculty and staff members.

2000 Directory and Email Forwarding

Look for a letter from the alumni office to arrive in your mailbox in October with your alumni password and more information on the new Reed alumni directories. The password will allow you access to the secure online alumni directory from the Reed website, We anticipate that both the online version and printed versions of the alumni directory will be available in mid-November. An added bonus of this project is free email forwarding service for all Reed alumni. When the online directory is opened, members may select an @reed email address that will autoforward your mail to an ISP of your choosing.

These services are the result of an intensive alumni survey project. Thanks to all who participated in this important project by returning forms in a timely manner. If you have questions, email them to

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