Henry Franzoni '78 went looking for Bigfoot and found something even bigger

"To admit we do not understand a phenomenon is not to admit the presence of the miraculous but merely, reasonably, to accept the limitations of human knowledge."
-- Salman Rushdie, The Ground Beneath Her Feet

At first blush, Henry Franzoni '78 does not appear to be a stark-raving-mad loony.

But Henry Franzoni must be nuts. Because he is a noted expert on "Bigfoot," the legendary ape-man of the Northwest. Bigfoot researchers, well, aren't they the sort of people waiting in the wings to follow crack-addict day traders onto daytime talk shows?

But in fact, as we sit out on his porch in the sheep-encrusted farmlands near St. Helens, enjoying an atypically warm Oregon day, Franzoni is articulate, thoughtful, and funny. And thoroughly rational.

It appears Franzoni is no loony. Yes, he has played the drums in a band called "Face Ditch" and another called "Cave-man Shoestore." Yes, he did leave a high-paying Wall Street job to count bubbles on fish flesh. And, yes, he has spent a lot of time searching for Bigfoot. In fact, if this were a tabloid, the headline for this article might be "Bigfoot Changed His Life." But Franzoni is not nuts.

Because, you see, Bigfoot did change his life.

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