October 5, 1931
I had a brief conference with Mr. Cerf Friday which upset me more than ever. Had a likewise brief conference with Mr. Arragon this morning which was no more successful. I'm heartily disgusted and discouraged.

February 10, 1932
I postponed writing in the vain hope that Mr. Reynolds would return my poems-which he had not done, nor do I see any prospects. I hope to get them before our Gawd-Awful meeting, which is to be Friday night.

March 16, 1932
I haven't heard any more about my thesis. I haven't written any poems. Nobody has asked me to be their assistant next year.

April 26, 1932
The THESIS is progressing by leaps and bounds. In other words, I wrote an introduction last night. It also is allegorical and medieval. It is called Confessional and in it I attempt to explain why I didn't want to write a critical thesis. I also took several neat cracks at members of the division. I got much inspired over it. I went swimming in the afternoon; perhaps that was the reason for the outburst.

May 23, 1932
Now to proceed with business instead of nonsense. Mr. Chittick thinks my Creed is so good that it ought to be posted on his bulletin board in gold letters. It contains one rhetorical mistake which he says "makes it a human document." He repeated the story about the division meeting for the benefit of the other people and said that Mr. Reynolds said, "If it is ten lines long, they would be ten perfect lines." These that I wrote he said were the ten perfect lines.

May 26, 1932
It's just a few minutes till the mail goes out. . . . I passed the orals. . . . On the whole I guess it wasn't bad. I got as many laughs out of them as I could. Mr. Coleman wasn't there. Woodbridge, Hartmus, Cerf, King, Chittick, Reynolds, Arragon and Mr. Lawrence Pratt were. I wasn't very scared.

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