Thank you, volunteers!

Reunions '99 was made possible through the collective efforts of many, but most importantly the class reunion planning committees.

50th reunion-class of 1949
June Anderson
Mary Carson Brodie
Josephine Pesman Chanaud
Jack Churchill
Bill Clawson
Laura Jean Watson Jory
Patricia Cowan Pearson
Dave Pearson
Joe Wahner

40th reunion-class of 1959
Janis Bueling Dairiki
Myra Himmelfarb
Charlie Lave '60
Ann Schaefer Pease
Jim Riles
Herschel Snodgrass

30th reunion -class of 1969
Maxine Paddock Richert
Gary Lee Stonum
Dedie Uunila Taylor

25th reunion-class of 1974
Katie Bretsch
Mary Byrkit
Kate Brewer McGill

20th reunion-class of 1979
Amy Eggleston Gaddis
Judy Jewell
Karen Pate
Gwendolyn Scott
Robin Wright

10th reunion-class of 1989
David Autrey
Nadine Fiedler
Denise Fortier
Darrel Plant '90

5th reunion-class of 1994
Naomi Gollogly
Ethan Ladd
Peter Martensen '93
Zach Nobel

Alumni association calendar

September 19 Southern California chapter picnic
September 23-25 Alumni board meeting (formerly known as alumni volunteer weekend)

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