Teaching biology using the Web

Two members of the Reed biology department are pioneering the use of the internet in their courses. The web site for Keith Karoly's Biology 332 course on vascular plant diversity contains fully annotated resources for each week's lab, a flower identification slide show organized by families, an interactive family quiz, and a descriptive catalog of the trees of Reed. For Biology 322, plant physiology, David Dalton has produced the nitrogen fixation pages, with a rare set of images demonstrating the range of organisms that can fix nitrogen, physiology and anatomy of nitrogen fixation, and ecology of nitrogen fixation. Both sites can be accessed through http://www.reed.edu/academic/departments/biology/courses.html and were made possible with grants from Reed's Technology Innovation Fund.

Photo: Keith Karoly

Bragdon leaves Oregon Graduate Institute

Reed College president emeritus Paul Bragdon stepped down as president of the Oregon Graduate Institute on June 30. Bragdon was appointed president of OGI in 1994. He brought the institute back from the brink of financial crisis by balancing an unsteady budget, increasing the endowment, improving campus spirits, and strengthening ties with the high-tech industry. Bragdon served as president of Reed College from 1971 to 1988. While president of Reed, he provided the same strong leadership, rallying support from trustees and members of the faculty and staff, increasing fiscal stability, and creating a strong vision for the future. An Oregonian editorial at the time of Bragdon's retirement from Reed stated, "His prime legacies will be certainty of the college's survival and the freedom to choose any academic paths his successors' imaginations inspire them to follow." Bragdon plans to devote more time now to his duties as chairman of the Multnomah County Library Foundation.

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