New members of the Reed faculty

bottom row, left to right:
Peter Andreas, assistant professor, political science; William Taschek '76, visiting associate professor, philosophy; Noa Latham, visiting associate professor, philosophy and humanities; Zulema Moret, visiting assistant professor, Spanish; Marc Schneiberg, assistant professor, sociology; and Keith Herman, visiting assistant professor, psychology.

middle row, left to right:
Gordon Kelly, visiting assistant professor, classics and humanities; Linda Raubeson, visiting associate professor, biology; Barbara Schulz, visiting assistant profes-sor, Spanish; Crystal Williams, assistant professor, creative writing; Lois Leveen, visiting assistant professor, English and humanities; Joanna Bulkley, visiting assistant professor, psychology; Paul Silverstein, assistant professor, anthropology; and Charlene Makley, assistant professor, anthropology.

top row, left to right:
Morgan Mitchell, visiting assistant professor, physics; Temer Ahmadi, visiting assistant professor, chemistry; Ken Wolf, visiting assistant professor, classics and humanities; Salah Khan, assistant professor, French and humanities; Michael Breen, assistant professor, history and humanities; and Ann Delehanty, assistant professor, French and humanities.

not pictured:
Diego Alonso, assistant professor, Spanish and humanities; Ariadna Garcˇa-Bryce, assistant professor, Spanish and humanities; Paul Gronke, assistant professor, political science; and Nathan Teske '87, visiting assistant professor, political science.

Student and alumnus help guide Oregon financial aid policy

Patty Williams '02 was recently elected vice chair of the Oregon Student Assistance Commission (OSAC), the governing body of the state's financial aid agency. She has been a student commissioner since 1999. David Mesirow '61, retired director of the Portland Night High School, is presently serving a second four-year term on the OSAC board. The commission, consisting of seven members appointed by the governor, administers a variety of state, federal, and privately funded student financial aid programs and helps more than 50,000 Oregon college students work toward their educational goals.

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