Alumni board president's report

This is a busy time for the alumni association. Your board volunteers are hard at work on various alumni activities. Our schedule follows the academic calendar, so we spent time this fall planning what we want to accomplish this year and determining what steps we need to take to achieve these goals. Most of this activity occurs in three committees: alumni services, college support, and outreach.

The alumni services committee, chaired by Steve Falk '83, has the challenging task of making the best use of the electronic media to connect alumni to one another and the college. Past activities include the online humanities course, which acts as a virtual class with readings and professors from the Reed senior symposium class, and the web conference, currently hosted on Caf‚ Utne. Future initiatives include making these online activities as easy and user friendly as possible.

Because many alumni enjoy interacting with current students, the college support committee, chaired by Nic Warmenhoven '96, works with the college to link up alumni with current students. This committee is famous for the feeding frenzy, where alumni provide food and drink to students during fall and spring reading weeks. The committee is working on further developing the network of alumni available as resources and mentors to new graduates entering the work world.

The past is just as important as the future for the outreach committee, chaired by Linda Matthews '67. A network of alumni is being recruited and trained to participate in an oral history project to interview older Reed alumni, faculty, and staff members to record their impressions of the Reed experience, before these memories are lost forever. We've already heard some fascinating stories from the 1930s, including one about a consultant who was hired to teach female students manners and grooming. Besides keeping this project rolling, current initiatives include volunteer recruitment at the chapter level.

All these activities reflect the many ways alumni volunteers are working to keep our alumni association strong and vital. I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labors either at a Reed event or online. It never fails to amaze me how and when I run into Reed alumni. When you least expect it, there's another Reedie, or Reedite, depending on your era!

Sally Snyder Brunette '83

New members of ORGY: offspring of reed graduates of yesteryear

front row, left to right: Julia Bean '04 (brother Steve Bean '91), Alexa Mater '04 (father James Mater '68), Laurel Madar '04 (grandparents Virginia McCarl Gilroy '62 and Maxwell Gilroy '49), Micha Rahder '04 (mother Barbara Sanford Rahder '72), Sylvia Drake '04 (father Dan Drake '64).

middle row, left to right : Anees Ahmed '04 (cousins Sehar Ahmad '90, Ayesha Ahmad '96 and Sadia Azhar '99), Steven Bridges '04 (father David Bridges '64), Renee Garfin '04 (cousin Sasha John '91), Liz Blake '04 (parents William Blake '71 and Susan Ransom '72), Olivia Kulander '04 (cousin Dylan Cole '02), Cimarron Wortham '04 (father Kansas Wortham '69).

back row, left to right: Andrew Korson '04 (grandmother Abigail Scott Korson '36, great-grandfather Thomas Lamb Eliot), Clark Matthews '04 (mother Linda Matthews '67), Greg McClellan '01 (father Christopher McClellan '72, sisters Sylla McClellan '94 and Catherine McClellan '97), Alice Hill '04 (brother Dan Hill '99), Julia Sandler '02 (father Reuben Sandler '57), Sean Files '01 (mother Margaret Files MALS '89, brother Joseph Files '97).

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