News of the College Feb. 2001

Alumni College 2001
Versions of Decadence”

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The term “decadence” was used interchangeably with symbolism and aestheticism for movements in the arts around 1900, but was applied as well to social and psychological phenomena of that era. Many of the central ideas of modernism were formulated during the decadent period, though later modernists often distanced themselves from the more outrageous aspects of fin-de-siecle art and thought. We will examine aspects of decadence in opera, film, painting, and literature in order to reach a fresh understanding of this fascinating period.

Director: David Schiff, R.P. Wollenberg Professor of Music Laura Hendrickson, Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History & Humanities Ülker Gökberk, Associate Professor of German & Humanities Evgenii Bershtein, Assistant Professor of Russian.

The Alumni College presupposes no qualifications other than a willingness to read and discuss a common set of texts, in a setting that recalls the student experience at Reed. Enrollment is open to all Reed alumni and their families, as well as to parents of students and alumni and other friends of the college.

Participants may live in the college dorms and eat on campus. All meals must be reserved in advance. Room and board are offered at a reduced rate for children. The college will work with interested participants to locate child care. The library, sports center, and other facilities will generally be open.



The Alumni College begins on Wednesday morning, June 6, 2001, and concludes at noon on Friday, June 8.

Costs & Registration
Tuition: $185. Includes a nonrefundable deposit of $75 for books, fees, and materials. Information and registration forms are available by calling 503/788-6639, emailing, or writing to Reunions—Alumni Relations, Reed College, 3203 SE Woodstock, Portland, Oregon 97202-8199.

Enrollment deadline (including final payment): May 19. We strongly encourage early registration to ensure space. Reading materials will be mailed as soon as possible after registration is received.






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