Quadrivial Pursuit

By Marty Smith ’88

How well do you know Reed? Take our fiendish quiz.

What is a Reedie, Anyway?

By Randall S. Barton

Twelve proud members of the class of ’14 shed light on the elusive species.

The Sound of the Spirit

By Bill Donahue

Prof. Mark Burford explores one of America’s most distinctive musical traditions

Eliot Circular

Reed Profs Ranked #1

By Robin Tovey ’97

National survey gives Reed profs top marks.

Pressing Issues

How Reed Responds to Sexual Assault

By Chris Lydgate ’90

Taking a proactive approach to a national problem.

VIDEO: Physics majors build musical staircase
Allie Morgan ’14 and Anya Demko ’14 (demonstrating) installed lasers and phototransistors on the spiral staircase in Vollum, turning the steps into a giant, twisting keyboard spanning two octaves on a C major scale.