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Scott Jiro Hirozawa ’83

A picture of Scott Hirozawa

Scott Hirozawa ’83 (right) in 1982, on the steps of the Reed house Findhorn with (left to right) Matt Giraud ’85, Dale Shields ’85, and Benn Lewis.

Scott Jiro Hirozawa ’83, February 12, 2012, in Decatur, Georgia. Scott came to Reed for a year in 1979 to study physics. Matt Giraud ’85 remembers Scott as a dormmate freshman year and as a housemate in Reed houses thereafter. “Scott had a great sense of humor. He lived in a pantry in one of our Reed houses for $55 per month, as I recall. Rigged up a series of pulleys to turn lights off and on and even start some kind of breakfast.” Scott went on to earn a BS from Oregon State University and an MS from the University of Oregon in computer science. He worked as a software engineer and was a bicyclist, outdoorsman, and photographer, focusing his lens on landscapes in California, Oregon, and elsewhere. Survivors include his parents, brother, and two sisters.

Appeared in Reed magazine: September 2012

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