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Herbert F. Margulies ’50

Herbert Margulies ’50, May 28, 2001, in Honolulu, Hawaii. He earned master’s and doctoral degrees in history from the University of Wisconsin in 1951 and 1955, and in 1959 he joined the faculty of the University of Hawaii, Manoa, as assistant professor of history. He became full professor in 1967 and served for a number of years as chairman of the history department. At the time of his death he was professor emeritus. He was the author of three books on American history: The Decline of the Progressive Movement in Wisconsin, 1890–1920, (1968); Senator Lenroot of Wisconsin, A Political Biography, 1900–1929, (1977); and The Mild Reservationists and the League of Nations Controversy in the Senate, (1989). Survivors include his wife; two daughters; two sons including Natan Margalit ’82; and five grandchildren.

Appeared in Reed magazine: November 2001

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