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George M. Hocking ’28

George M. Hocking ’28, February 13, 2001, in Auburn, Alabama. He was professor emeritus of pharmacy at Auburn University and a well known expert on medicinal plants. After studying at Reed for two years, he transferred to the University of Washington, where he earned a BS in pharmacology. He then entered the graduate program in pharmacy at the University of Florida, earning a master’s in 1932 and a PhD in pharmacognosy in 1942. He became a registered pharmacist in 1935 and worked in retail and manufacturing pharmacy for 10 years. He taught at the University of Buffalo from 1945 to 1948 and the University of New Mexico from 1948 to 1951 before joining the faculty of Auburn University’s School of Pharmacy, Alabama. He retired from teaching in 1975. He was considered a top authority on medicinal plants, served as an expert adviser to the government of Pakistan in 1951, and served on several committees of the American Pharmaceutical Association. He was the author of many scientific papers and texts, including A Dictionary of Terms in Pharmacognosy, 1955, and its greatly expanded second edition, A Dictionary of Natural Products, published in 1998. His other interests included compiling folklore, particularly folk medicine, traveling, and stamp collecting, and he also researched and wrote a history of the pharmacy school at Auburn University. He is survived by a daughter.

Appeared in Reed magazine: November 2001

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