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E. Crellin Pauling ’59

Crellin Pauling ’59, of cancer, July 27, 1997, at his home in Portola Valley, California. A son of the late Linus Pauling, Crellin was the former chair of the biology department at San Francisco State University and a strong advocate of biology education. After graduating from Reed, he studied at the University of Washington and earned his doctorate in genetics in 1964. He joined the faculty of the University of California, Riverside, and in 1982 became professor of biology at San Francisco State, where he served as biology chairman for 13 years. He conducted extensive research in microbiology, but was especially known for his efforts to improve the teaching of biology in high schools and community colleges. His work in this area recently earned him the Andreoli California State University Biotechnology Service Award. He is survived by his wife; 7 children; 14 grandchildren; a sister, Linda Pauling Kamb ’54; and two brothers.

Appeared in Reed magazine: November 1997

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