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Albert H. Marvin ’48

Albert H. Marvin Jr. ’48, in July 13, 1995, in Ogunquit, Maine. Prior to attending Reed, he studied at the Kansas City Art Institute. He served in the air force during World War II and painted a series of murals for the officers' club of the Portland Air Force base, documenting the history of flight. He married Elinor Louise Rabehl ’41, in 1942. He entered Reed at the end of the war and studied physics as one of A. A. Knowlton's [1915–48] last students. After graduating, he worked for Bendix Aviation in Ann Arbor Michigan, working on an air traffic control project. He later taught physics at the Wentworth Institute in Boston and worked for the jet engine department of G.E. Industrial Design. During summers, he studied for a master's degree in computer sciences from the University of New Mexico and graduated in 1970. In 1982 he began working for Logicon, in Lexington, Massachusetts, where he was company mathematician and systems analyst developing software for the National Defense Project. Survivors include his wife and two sons.

Appeared in Reed magazine: November 1995

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