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Jane Louise Hansen Dabney ’54

Jane Louise Hansen Dabney ’54, January 15, 2007, in San Carlos, California, from cancer. Jane earned a BA from Reed in psychology. She taught drafting to engineers at the Boeing Company in Seattle, and left that employment after being told that women could not advance in the company. She earned an MSW from the University of Washington (1960), did foster care in Snohomish County, and spent four months “bumming around the Orient” with a knapsack and friends—“The first of the hippies,” she remarked in 2004. Jane worked at the Veterans Hospital in Menlo Park, California, and was chief of medical social services for Peninsula Hospital for 13 years. She earned an AA certificate in computer programming from the College of San Mateo, and programmed and designed software systems until her retirement in 2001. Among her many interests was travel, music, dancing, reading, and entertaining. For 15 years, she struggled with the affects from recurrent cancer. Survivors include her husband of 42 years, John P. Dabney.

Appeared in Reed magazine: May 2007

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