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Terumasa (Ted) Hachiya ’42

Terumasa Hachiya ’42, December 13, 2004, in Portland. Ted attended Reed for a year, worked in a tuna factory, then enrolled at Linfield College on a football scholarship; he transferred later to the University of Oregon. At the start of World War II, after attempting to enlist in military service and being designated 4-F, he assisted his ailing father. In 1942 he was sent to Minidoka, Idaho, the internment camp for those with Japanese ancestry, living with family members for one month. In 1943 he married Sumiko Yoshitomi, and became a produce truck driver. In 1954 he opened a discount furniture and appliance store in Portland, Byron’s Home Furnishings, which he named for his son who died of leukemia. He operated the business in three different locations, and sold it in 1999. Family enterprises included additional furnishing and food operations. Ted was a resourceful businessman, and a skilled fisherman and cook. He was admired for his business prowess and revered for his generosity and kindness. Survivors include his daughter and four sons. His wife died in 1998.

Appeared in Reed magazine: May 2005

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