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Ellen Hochheiser ’79

Ellen Hochheiser ’79, December 21, 2001, in Tucson, Arizona, after a short illness complicated by Crohn’s Disease. At the time of her death, she was manager of radioactive material at the radioactive control office of the University of Arizona. After graduating from Reed, she earned a PhD in environmental sciences from Rutgers University, and she worked for four years as a radiation safety officer at the Hanford, Washington, nuclear clean-up site. In 1986, she joined the faculty of Salem Community College, Pennsville, New Jersey, where she also administered the nuclear engineering technology program. She joined the academic staff of the University of Arizona in 1998. She was a certified health physicist, a member of the Health Physics Society and the American Academy of Health Physics, and a member and past committee chair of the American Board of Health Physics. She was recognized as a leader in developing continuing education programs for health physics and for her numerous contributions to the health physics profession. Survivors include her mother; a brother, Sheldon Hochheiser ’73, and a sister.

Appeared in Reed magazine: May 2002

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