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Margaret T. Johnson Larrance ’38

A picture of Margaret  Johnson Larrance

Margaret T. Johnson Larrance ’38, September 3, 2009, in Portland. “After satisfying the intellectual half of my brain and earning a bachelor's degree in French—thank you, Reed, and Benjamin Mather Woodbridge [1922–52]—I left our cultural hothouse to learn more about the world and the strange life forms outside.” Margaret taught in the Sacramento Valley and traveled to the Yucatan and Panama before returning to Portland. In 1951, she married Clifford Larrance, and raised three sons and a daughter. Margaret maintained an interest in writing throughout her life. For her 50th-class reunion, she noted: “Now that I'm writing again—or still—I have more to think and say. I'm much more oriented to human concerns, and I begin to see the outlines of what I want to express. Count me as a late bloomer.” Survivors include her children.

Appeared in Reed magazine: June 2010

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