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Reetpaul Singh Rana ’96

A picture of Reetpaul Rana

Reetpaul Singh Rana ’96, September 13, 2008, from a gunshot wound; his body was discovered in Humboldt County, California, 110 miles from his burned car. Authorities are investigating the case for murder. Reetpaul received a BA from Reed in psychology and an MA in journalism from New York University. He wrote for Willamette Week, the Village Voice, and Bay Area newspapers. Reetpaul described himself as a multilingual visionary, writer, and artist. He enjoyed painting, photography, playing the drums, and cooking. He also was a bright and gifted individual, who suffered from depression and bipolar disorder. In 2006, he made a road trip from San Francisco to Portland to attend his 10th-year class reunion, chronicling his journey with more than 300 photographs.

Appeared in Reed magazine: February 2009

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