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Chris Demopoulos AMP ’44

Chris Demopoulos (AKA Demopolis) AMP ’44, October 5, 2004, in Seattle, Washington, following a heart attack and stroke. Chris attended the University of Washington prior to enlisting in the U.S. Air Corps during WW II. His exceptional test scores placed him in the premeteorology program at Reed, as well as in additional programs at MIT, Yale, and Harvard. Following the war, he traveled extensively in Europe and in Africa; the latter for hunting, a lifelong passion. Chris was a real estate investor in Washington, primarily in the greater Seattle area. He championed small business owners and other individuals through his efforts to establish fair legal treatment. His landmark effort produced the "Lemon Law," protecting purchasers from the burden of defective automobiles. Survivors include his sister and brother and his extended family.

Appeared in Reed magazine: February 2005

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