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David C. Henny ’52

David Henny ’52, April 20, 2001, in Langley, Washington. He was owner, president and general manager of Whidbey Telephone Company and Hat Island Telephone Company. His interest in telephones and technology began at an early age, and after attending Reed for three years, he went in search of a telephone company to purchase. He bought the small Whidbey Island Telephone Company in 1953, with a goal of providing excellent service to the community with a personal touch. He hired only local employees, and he worked to develop improvements and technological advances. In 1961, Whidbey Island Telephone Company became the first telephone company in the country to have all its lines underground. In the ’70s, he surpassed industry standards by providing single party service to the regions served by the company. He was again on the forefront of technology in 1994, when the company began providing internet access to the community and beyond, and in 2000, he offered DSL service to his customers. His interests in the telephone extended beyond his work, and he enjoyed collecting and preserving vintage telephone equipment with the idea of starting a museum. Although this was never accomplished, he maintained a small museum in his home. He was an active member of his church, played classical piano, loved the outdoors, and was an avid photographer. Survivors include his second wife; their two sons and a daughter; a son and three daughters from his first marriage; and nine grandchildren.

Appeared in Reed magazine: February 2002

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