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Edith Katherine Griffith Swoboda ’48

Born in Portland, both Edith and her brother, Joseph Griffith ’48, majored in physics at Reed. She worked with Prof. Raymond T. Ellickson [physics 1946–48] on her thesis on diffraction patterns with X-rays. In her work as a scientist, she did textile testing for Dupont and also studied environmental influences in the Chesapeake Bay watershed—the latter, related to her role on a Delaware state commission, reflected her enjoyment of fishing. She was a gardener and an active member in local garden clubs. She was a member of the League of Women Voters and a charter member of the Skating Club of Wilmington, Delaware. We read that Edith surpassed the pregold level ice dance, the Blues, with flying colors at age 69, and she was an accomplished ballroom dancer. Edith and Thomas J. Swoboda were married for 44 years. Survivors include Thomas, two daughters, a stepson, and two grandchildren. “We still miss her warm, welcoming smile and unbridled enthusiasm.”

Appeared in Reed magazine: December 2015

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