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Albert Ott ’34

A picture of Albert Ott

Albert Ott ’34, July 16, 2010, in Portland. Albert grew up on his family's farm in Sunnyside, a couple miles southeast of Portland. He was a day-dodger at Reed, commuting, as he put it, in “two- or four-wheeled vehicles.” He majored in economics and wrote his thesis on banking legislation. Long after graduation, he said: “My only claim to distinction during my undergraduate years was in handball, which I was encouraged to pursue by everyone's friend, coach Charles Botsford [1912–52].” Albert joined the workforce in the depths of the Great Depression, and got several short-term jobs through the New Deal. He also lent a hand at his family's farm. Later, he became senior statistician for the Oregon Department of Employment and was a manpower economist for the Portland metro area for 15 years; he retired in 1976. “The efforts of my distinguished mentors, Dr. Clement Akerman [economics 1920–43], Dr. Blair Stewart [economics 1925–49], and Dr. F.L. Griffin [mathematics 1911–56], provided splendid background in economics, mathematics, and statistics, which were basic to my position.” Albert and Lorene Hinkley were married for 62 years. They raised two children, and enjoyed travel, dancing, golfing, and camping. They operated the Ott family farm, selling off the last acres in 1981, and, thereafter, assisted family and friends who had filbert and blueberry crops. Albert was an active member of the Beaverton Elks Lodge and held the distinction of being their oldest living member. He is survived by a daughter and son.

Appeared in Reed magazine: December 2010

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