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Julie Saunders ’67

A picture of Julie Saunders

Julie Saunders ’67, March 8, 2009, in Seattle, Washington, from complications of dementia. Julie attended Reed for two years and then transferred to San Francisco State University. She received a Master of Library Science degree and spent most of her career as head of the periodicals department at the SFSU library, a position she retired from after being diagnosed with dementia in 2005. Her Reed friends may recall Julie's quick wit, sweet nature, and readiness to laugh at the absurdities of life. Reed roommate Amelia Rosamond Hard ’67, who provided the details for this memorial, visited Julie several times in Seattle after she returned to live with her family, and writes that “Julie's sprightly personality continued to shine through her dementia; in fact, as the disease forced her to live more and more in the moment, she took ever more pleasure in observing and commenting on the world around her. Almost everything she saw was fascinating and delightful to her.” Julie eventually moved into a group home as her disease progressed. In late February, she refused nourishment of any kind and died peacefully a couple of weeks later. Survivors include her sister.

Appeared in Reed magazine: August 2009

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