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Patricia Ann Inman Etue ’54

A picture of Patricia Inman Etue

Patricia Ann Inman Etue ’54, October 16, 2004, in California. Patricia received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Reed. She spent three years doing postgraduate work at the University of Oregon and UCLA, earning an MA in mathematics from UCLA in 1957. From 1956 to 1959, she was a computer engineer with Atomics International in Los Angeles, after which she spent a little over a year as a computer-programming supervisor for Land-Air in Point Mugo, California. For 13 years, she worked for General Electric and Honeywell in Phoenix, Arizona, as a specialist in systems programming and in software development. In 1973, she married George E. Etue. A year later she retired to Buena Park on disability. She was diagnosed with stage-4 colon cancer, and survived 11 years, dedicating five of those years to providing support and advice to other cancer patients via the internet. "There are so many side effects of chemo on an individual basis that hope and encouragement is a constant need for over 600 cases online. I haven’t saved any lives, but tried to make a difference," she wrote. Patricia experienced Reed as a day-dodger, climbing stairs backward on crutches necessary for support post-polio. For her 50th reunion album submission, she noted that she was fighting post-polio paralysis and cancer, that she maintained an interest in computer societies, rights for the handicapped, cooking, and reading, and that she listened to 40 books on tape every year.

Appeared in Reed magazine: August 2005

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