Public Affairs


Randall Barton photo

Randall Barton

Mandy Heaton photo

Mandy Heaton
Executive Director of Communications and Public Affairs

Tom Humphrey photo

Tom Humphrey
Art Director
Graphic Designer, Reed magazine

Stacey Kim photo

Stacey Kim
Director of Creative Services

griffin illustration

Laurie Lindquist
Copy Editor & Production Designer
Class Notes Editor, Reed magazine

Chris Lydgate photo

Chris Lydgate ’90
Editor, Reed magazine

Kevin Myers photo

Kevin Myers
Director of Strategic Communications

Ray Rodriguez photo

Raymond Rodriguez
Web Designer

Aimee Sisco photo

Aimee Sisco
Creative Services Manager

Robin Tovey photo

Robin Tovey ’97
Communications Manager

Cate Whitcomb photo

Cate Whitcomb
Art Director


Sandesh Adhikary ’15, Image Database Assistant
Rachel Fox ’16, Graphic Design Assistant
Lauren Cooper ’16, Magazine Intern