Psychology buildingThe psychology program contributes to the liberal education of Reed students by emphasizing the application of empirical methods to the study of cognitive, affective, social, and behavioral processes. Students are exposed to the science of mind, behavior and relationships, are asked to engage in library and "hands-on" research projects, and are given many opportunities to improve their abilities to read and critique research articles, to write, and to present materials orally.

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Three students authors, Eliot Garling, Lia Zallar, and Hannah Baumgartner, were selected as winners of the Neuroscience/Psychology/Exercise Poster Prize at the 2015 MCSRP Conference for:

Garling, E.E., Zallar, L.J., Baumgartner, H.M., & Currie, P.J. (2015).
Brain-cannula mapping investigations of acy ghrelin in metabolic, limbic, and reward signaling. Presented at the 24th annual Murdock College Science Research Program, Vancouver, WA, 4-5 November.

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