Presidential Search 2012

News and Updates

To: The Reed College Campus Community
From: Anna Hayes Levin, Chair, Presidential Search Committee
Date: November 22, 2011

The Presidential Search Committee is pleased to announce that the position statement describing Reed College and identifying goals for the next president is available to download from the committee's website. Please visit the committee's site to view the statement.

The position statement reflects the broad input that the committee has received from the Reed community over the last three months, including forums with the board of trustees and the alumni board in September and with faculty, students, and staff in October, as well as many individual comments received from all corners of the Reed community via email and conversations across the campus. The future challenges and desired personal qualifications were discussed in depth, particularly at the community forums in October, and have been refined based on the thoughtful and passionate comments we heard. We are grateful for your participation in the process. You have helped us build a compelling case for Reed and its presidency.

The search process now moves to the active solicitation of candidates. Over the next few months, we will use the position statement, national advertising, the resources of our search firm, Isaacson, Miller, and our own networking to attract the largest and deepest possible pool of candidates.

The process for interviewing finalists has been, and will likely continue to be, the subject of lively discussion. Those interviews will not take place until late March or early April 2012. Between now and then, the committee will work, in consultation with campus constituencies, to design a process that permits as much engagement between the finalists and the Reed community as possible while respecting the legitimate concerns of the finalists for confidentiality. The process was discussed in some detail at the October forums, and students had some particularly creative and thoughtful suggestions. We welcome any others. We are determined to design a process that provides the in-depth understanding of the finalists that will be necessary for selecting the very best next president of Reed.


Anna Hayes Levin