President’s Office

Senior Staff


Mike Brody
Vice President & Dean of Student Services

Gary Granger
Director of Community Safety

Michelle Valintis
Director of Human Resources

Dena Hutto
Norman F. Carrigg College Librarian

Nigel Nicholson
Dean of the Faculty

Edwin McFarlane
Vice President & Treasurer

Nora McLaughlin

Hugh Porter
Vice President for College Relations

Martin Ringle
Chief Information Officer

Mike Tamada
Director of Institutional Research

Dawn Thompson

Executive Assistant to the President

Keith Todd
Dean of Admission

Mary James
Dean for Institutional Diversity effective January 2, 2014

Stacey Kim
Interim Director of Public Affairs

Reed College organizational chart


Dawn Thompson
Executive Assistant to
the President

Telephone: 503/777-7500
Fax: 503/777-7701

Liz Colie Gadberry
President's Office Administrative Coordinator