Web & Copyright Policies

Web Coordinating Committee

Committee Charge

  • To maintain the ongoing functionality and accuracy of the Reed College website;
  • To coordinate the ongoing technical, marketing, and communication needs of the Reed College website;
  • To serve as the first stop for questions, requests, or concerns about the design and structure of reed.edu.

Messages can be sent to the members of the Web Coordinating Committee at wcc@lists.reed.edu.

Straightforward problems, such as broken links, outdated information, or any other functional issues with Reed’s site can be sent directly to the webmaster.

While the WCC grapples with and resolves operational and structural concerns regarding the website, the Computing Policy Committee (CPC) is more broadly concerned with technology policy that encompasses but goes beyond the web. The CPC sets the college’s technology priorities, engages in strategic technology planning, sets information technology policy, and determines technology resource allocation at an institutional level.

When policy changes or questions arise that are beyond the scope of the WCC, the committee will pass those to the Computing Policy Committee for discussion, decision, or direction.

Committee Members

  • Nigel Nicholson, dean of faculty, chair
  • Mandy Heaton, executive director of communications & public affairs
  • Marty Ringle, chief information officer
  • Keith Todd, dean of admission
  • Marianne Colgrove, deputy chief information officer
  • Stacey Kim, managing editor
  • Admission Office staff member, TBA