Physics 200


Lab Report Outline

Typesetting & LaTeX


I do not require that you use LaTeX, but it is strongly recommended. I do require professional looking typesetting of the report. Thus, something that is comparable to a LaTeX formatted text is required.

If you need more precise and detailed guidelines, follow those of professional journals such as Physical Review. (link to rextex4)


TeXShop is a free interface for Mac's to typeset TeX documents. (texshop)

Phys 200 Latex Template

This is an essentially empty tex file that you may use as a template for your report.

The final product looks like this: Report_template.pdf

To generate the pdf file, download the folder and open the "Report_template.tex" file with TeXShop. Make sure that in TexShop, in the top bar, "LaTeX" is selected. Press "Typeset" twice. The pdf file should be generated and displayed.

More LaTeX

more latex

a comprehensive symbol list