Reed College Orientation 2015

Parent FAQ

Here are answers to questions that parents often have over the summer. If you have any other questions, please contact the dean of students' office at 503/777-7521.

Where is the parent lounge, and where do I go to check in?

The parent lounge in Kaul Auditorium will be open during Odyssey check-in Friday, August 21, from 1 to 5 p.m. and Tuesday, August 25, 9 a.m.–2 p.m. If you have preregistered, your materials will be ready for you at the parent lounge. We encourage preregistration, but if you have not and would like to participate, please check in at the parent lounge when you arrive.

How do I sign up for the parent humanities conference?
Sign up for the parent humanities conference when you preregister for parent orientation. We cannot guarantee availability for a conference if you do not preregister.

What should I attend during orientation, and what is most important?

Choose the sessions that look most interesting to you; the more sessions that you attend, the more comfortable you will feel leaving your child at the conclusion of the Parent Orientation. Students are strongly encouraged to be at several key sessions during the week, as indicated in the Orientation schedule. Please encourage your child to attend as many sessions as possible—the more familiar students are with the campus and their classmates, the easier the transition from home to Reed will be.

How can I phone my student in the residence halls?
Students living in the residence halls will have landline access in hall common rooms, but please note that, as these are community phones, they are not always answered. Students will also have the option to request a landline in their room. To request a personal landline please contact Students should keep in mind that making long-distance calls on these landline phones will require the use of a calling card. Most students opt to use their cell phones only.

May I drive up to the residence hall to unload?

You can pull up to Old Dorm Block, Anna Mann, and the Grove (Bidwell, Sitka, Sequoia, and Aspen) for short periods of unloading. The Grove can be accessed from 28th Avenue, next to the 28 West building. Parking is limited, but you can pull up and unload. There is no direct access to the cross canyon residences; you must park in the north parking lot. Access to Foster-Scholz and MacNaughton is available from the west parking lot.

How do I sign up to attend the president's reception for parents?

No registration is needed. We look forward to your presence at this event—a time for parents to speak with faculty and staff. Students are encouraged to have dinner at this time, before the evening session begins.

Where do I order a copy of the Iliad?

Reed’s bookstore is your headquarters for residence hall supplies and linens, computer supplies and software, and, of course, your copies of the Iliad and other books. Please note that preorders are due by August 2 (Domestic) and July 15 (International). You can also shop in the bookstore when you arrive.

Other questions? Contact the dean of students' office at 503/777-7521. We will answer your question or direct you to the appropriate person.

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