Orientation 2016

Getting Started

Reed will communicate with you throughout the summer about important academic and campus life matters, including course registration, residence life, and Orientation.

Orientation Central

Please activate and check your Reed email account to receive our communications

Your computer account

After you deposit, you will receive a personalized letter that contains an activation code and detailed instructions for creating your Reed computer account in IRIS, the Integrated Reed Information System. IRIS, Reed's password-protected website for community members only, serves as a portal for accessing information, including required forms, your class schedule, and more.

If you did not receive a letter with an activation code within two weeks of submitting your deposit, please email the Orientation office or call 503/777-7530 right away.

Your Reed email account

Your Reed email account is the primary way the college will communicate with you about everything from registration and housing to student employment opportunities and Gray Fund activities. Set up your Reed email account early this summer and check it often, both in the coming months and for the entire time you are at Reed.

  • When you set up your account in IRIS, you can choose where your Reed email will be delivered—to your Reed email inbox or to a designated forwarding address, such as Gmail or Yahoo. You can change your delivery selection at any time.

Forms and Information

Most forms can be filled out online. Once the forms are complete, you can be sure that your arrival on campus will be smooth. Then you can spend the rest of the summer ruminating on the Iliad.

Forms available online can be found on the IRIS portal. There is a checklist there, too, to help you keep track of which ones you’ve completed.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you read this page carefully, follow the instructions, and complete all necessary forms. Many of the forms and tasks are TIME SENSITIVE.

General Forms and Information

Address Update

  • Required for all students
  • Due date: June 15

On this form, you will be asked to provide your mailing address, emergency contact information, and missing person contact information.

Emergency Alert Sign-Up

  • Optional, but strongly encouraged
  • Always available through your IRIS account

In the event of an emergency, you will receive announcements and instructions by phone, text message, or by email. For more information, visit computer information services’ Emergency Alert Service page.

ID Photograph Submission

  • Optional, but strongly encouraged
  • Due date: June 15

Orientation check-in will be smoother if you submit an electronic photo for use on your Reed ID, in the campus directory, and more. Please choose a high-quality photo in which you are easily recognizable.

T-shirt–Size Form

  • Required
  • Due date: June 15

Please let us know what size Orientation T-shirt to order for you!

Residence Life Forms and Information

Residence Life Student Housing Preference Form and Contract

  • Form opens May 2
  • Required for students who want to live on campus
  • Due date: June 15
  • Complete electronically by clicking on the heading above. Please visit our website wich can answer your housing questions or email res.life@reed.edu.

For more information about living on campus, visit the residence life website about living on campus. For dining policies and other important information, visit our policies page.

Business Office Forms and Information

Online access to your student account is available through Banner Self-Service at bannerweb.reed.edu. Students need their Reed ID number and a PIN to access Self-Service. Students who have applied for financial aid have already received a PIN; all others will receive a PIN in an email from the Business Office about a week after setting up their Reed email account.

Second Deposit

• Required

• Due Date: June 15

Please submit your second deposit in order to secure your place in our incoming class.  You can find deposit submission instructions here after May 1.

Reed College Statement of Financial Responsibility

  • Required
  • Due date: June 15

Complete electronically by clicking on the box at the bottom of the form after you have read the document.

Billing Information and Release Form

  • Required
  • Due date: June 15

We hope that you and your parents or guardians will discuss strategies for sharing financial information before you come to Reed. As part of that discussion, you need to decide where bills should be emailed, and to whom access regarding your financial records will be granted. A new Billing Information and Release Form must be completed online each year so we know to whom your bills should be sent. You must complete this authorization in order for the business office to release detailed information about your college account to your parents, other family members, trustees, or banks. We will not release account specifics over the phone or in writing to anyone who is not authorized by you to receive such information.

For current information on tuition and fees, see the tuition and fees web page.

For information on the billing schedule, payment options, refunds, and more, visit the payment web page.

Reed College Direct Deposit Authorization Form

  • Required
  • Due Date: June 15

Complete electronically by entering your banking information and authorizing Direct Deposits for payroll and non-payroll credits (financial aid refunds, and other miscellaneous reimbursements).

Social Security or Tax ID number

Federal regulations require that Reed College issue a 1098-T tax form to every student who is a US citizen in order to provide information regarding the tuition that was charged during each calendar year. Your parents use this information to qualify for the American Opportunity tax credit. Please go to the IRIS website for information regarding this credit.

If you do not have a social security number or taxpayer identification number because you are not a US citizen or you have not obtained one yet, you can indicate that here. If your parents don’t want you to provide your social security number or they do not qualify for the credit, you can indicate that here and you will NOT receive a 1098-T tax form and will NOT be eligible for the tax credit.

Health Insurance Waiver Form

  • Required if you are opting out of Reed’s health plan
  • Due date: By the first day of classes each academic year

You will automatically be enrolled in the appropriate domestic or international student health insurance plan each semester. If you have your own comparable heath coverage and do not want to join the Reed plan, you must complete the insurance waiver form. Once the waiver has been completed, the charge for the college’s plan will be subtracted from your account.

If you are under 18, you must complete a paper version of this form and obtain your parent/guardians signature (click on the PDF link above to download).

For information about student health insurance and international student health insurance, visit the Business Office student health insurance web page.

Tuition Management Systems Enrollment

  • Optional
  • Due date: ongoing

Use this site ONLY if you would like to set up a monthly payment plan for your tuition. Under Payment Plans/Enroll in a New Payment Plan, select the Academic Year 2015-16, select Reed College from the drop down next to "This payment plan applies toward", and then click on Enroll to go through the process of setting up a payment plan or you can call TMS at 888/572-8985.

You can also use this site if you would like to pay your Reed business office accounts online with a credit card or with a direct deduction from your checking or savings account. Scroll down the page and under Make a Payment, select "This payment applies toward Reed College," then click on Make a One-Time Payment. Follow the instructions from there. There is a 2.99 percent charge to pay with a credit card, and no fee for a direct deduction.

Academic and Student Services Forms and Information

Student Academic Information Release Form

  • Required
  • Due date: June 15

On this form, you will indicate whether your parents or guardians may access your grades independently or if they will need to ask you for grade information. Because grade reports are not automatically provided to you, and because you may choose not to focus on letter grades, you may not know your exact grades. Before you come to Reed, you and your family should discuss strategies for sharing information about your academic progress.

Academic Questionnaire

  • Required
  • Due date: June 15

The college will assign you a faculty adviser based on your academic needs and interests. The academic questionnaire will help us match your interests with those of a faculty member.

Letter of Introduction to Your Academic Adviser

  • Required
  • Due date: June 15

We ask that you write your adviser a letter before you arrive, telling him or her about yourself and your academic goals. Instructions and advice for writing your letter are included on the form.

Notification of Documented Disability

  • Required if you plan to seek accommodations
  • Date due: REQUIRED by June 1st if you intend to request disability-related housing accommodations.
    RECOMMENDED by June 15th if you intend to request academic accommodations.

Reed College is committed to providing reasonable and appropriate accommodations for any student who self-identifies as having a disability and provides appropriate supporting documentation. In order to provide services, it is helpful for us to have advance notice of your needs, as well as current documentation regarding your condition and your proposed accommodations. If you have any questions, please contact the director of Disability Support Services, Theresa Lowrie.

For more information, please visit the Disability Support Services site.

For students requesting disability-related housing accommodations, the deadline for providing documentation to our office and scheduling an appointment with DSS staff to discuss requested accommodations, is June 5th. The office of Residence Life will need a letter, issued by our office to the student, verifying the accommodation(s) for which you have been approved. Please see our housing accommodations page for more information.

Student Activities Questionnaire

  • Optional
  • Date due: July 15

This form will help us connect you to some exciting campus programs. If you don't see something you're interested in, check with student activities. We probably have it on campus.

Placement Exam

Please note that only the German placement exam is offered over the summer.  All other placement exams will be offered during Orientation.

  • Optional
  • Due date: August 10

If you plan on taking German at Reed, use this opportunity to take the placement test over the summer. Doing so will give you more time to adjust to your new home and participate in New Reedie Orientation. For more information and to access the test, click here.

Health & Counseling Center Information

Reed’s health and counseling center provides primary care medical and counseling services for students. Please join us for our open house during Orientation for an opportunity to meet our staff, learn about our services, and to get your health care off to a good start!

We need to receive certain information from you in order to provide appropriate health care and to comply with state laws and regulations. All of your health forms are available within the Student Health Portal (SHP) you can go directly or through the IRIS system. You can access the SHP using the same Kerberos name and password you will use for IRIS.

Most requested health information may be entered directly into the SHP via fillable, online forms that you will find in the SHP. Required information from your health care provider should be submitted via pdf forms, located on the SHP, which can be printed, brought to your provider for completion, and returned to the health and counseling center via fax (503/777-7209), scanning and emailing to Reed health and counseling, or via US Mail in the confidential envelope provided in your Orientation Getting Started mailing.

Required documents you must complete by July 15:

Provider Health Assessment

A physical examination must be completed by a licensed medical provider (physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner) who is not a family member. Download and print the Provider Health Assessment Form (pdf) from the SHP, have it completed by your health care provider, and return it to Reed health and counseling.

Student Health History

Please complete the fillable New Student Health History form in the SHP.


Information about required and recommended immunizations can be found in the SHP. Please enter the requested information in the fillable form.

The State of Oregon requires measles/MMR vaccines for attendance at Oregon Colleges. You must provide this information for ongoing registration. If you request an exemption to the measles/MMR requirement, print the measles/MMR exemption form (pdf found on the SHP), have it completed by your health care provider, and return it via mail, fax, or scan and email to Reed health and counseling.

Tuberculosis (TB)

Complete the Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Questionnaire (fillable form on the SHP). If you answer “yes” to any of the screening questions, you need to consult with a medical provider to review your exposure risk and the possible need for a TB test. Some international students and travelers from high-risk countries (see Screening Questionnaire) are more likely to require testing.

Tuberculosis (TB) Test Verification

This is only needed if you require a TB test based upon the Screening Questionnaire and medical consultation described above. Print the TB Test Verification form (pdf), along with the Screening Questionnaire, and consult with your medical provider regarding your need for a TB test.

Odyssey Registration and Forms

Reed's pre-orientation Odysseys provide new students with the opportunity to join their classmates in outdoor trips, community service trips, peer mentor programming, and international student programming. (Please note that the dates for Odysseys overlap—you cannot participate in more than one program.) You can register and submit the required forms online. Participation in an Odyssey is optional and trip costs vary. Most trips fill to capacity, so the sooner you register, the better.

International Orientation Odyssey Registration
Form opens: March 28
Due date: June 15
For more information

Outdoor Odysseys Application
Form opens: May 1
Due date: June 15
For more information

SEEDS Community Service Odyssey Application
Form opens: May 1
Due date: August 1
For more information

Peer Mentor Program and Odyssey Application
Form opens: March 28
Due date: August 1
For more information

In addition to completing the application and registration, you must complete additional forms for some Odyssey programs, depending on which trip you choose. Be sure to submit any of the forms below that your chosen Odyssey requires.

Waiver and Release for All Odysseys
Due date: June 15 for International and Outdoor Odysseys; August 1 for SEEDS and Peer Mentor Program Odysseys
This form is required for all Odysseys.

Outdoor Odysseys Acknowledgement of Risk
Due date: June 15 for International and Outdoor Odysseys; August 1 for SEEDS and Peer Mentor Program Odysseys
This forms is required only for outdoor Odyssey registration.

Odyssey Personal Medical Information Form
Due date: June 15 
This form is required for all Odysseys.

Study on Your Own

Get familiar with academic expectations
While you won't be able to register for classes until after you meet with your academic adviser, it's important that you start thinking about the classes you might want to take before you arrive. Visit Academic Support to get information on course schedules, classes without prerequisites, and college-wide credit requirements. We don't expect you to be sure about your major, but you should take a look at the required courses for different departments. Come to Orientation with a draft of a possible fall schedule so that you'll be prepared for your first meeting with your academic adviser.

We have a couple of assignments for you this summer, in addition to reading the Iliad.

Think About It Program

  • Required
  • Complete by: August 1

At colleges and universities across the country, sexual and relationship violence impact the lives of far too many students. While Reed is generally considered a very safe campus, we are not immune. We believe that a Reed student body that is educated about consent and respectful relationships can help to build and maintain a safer and healthier community.

Alcohol and other drugs are part of many students’ experiences during college. The choice to use alcohol and drugs can have negative impacts on both your academics and your life. This program also shares information about making mature decisions when it comes to substance use.

You will receive an email at the beginning July with instructions about how to complete this online training program. Please come to Orientation prepared to discuss the training.

Living with the Honor Principle
The Honor Principle is one of the things that makes Reed truly unique. By entering Reed, you agree to live and work under the Honor Principle. Read this booklet to learn more about this important aspect of our community. You can also find more information at the Honor Principle website.

Understand the AOD Policy
Before you arrive for Orientation, read the college's Alcohol and Other Drug Policy. This information is important for you to understand as you make decisions about substance use during your time at Reed.

CIRP Freshman Survey

Over the summer, you will receive an email request with a personalized link to the CIRP survey, a national survey of incoming first-year college students. Please complete it between July 17 and August 18. Reed participates annually in this endeavor, which helps the college to understand incoming student expectations, academic preparedness, student demographic characteristics, and issues surrounding college financing. Your responses to the CIRP survey are confidential.

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