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Academics and Computing

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Class Schedule and Academic Calendar

The class schedule is available online so that you can begin thinking about your schedule before you meet with your advisor.
Check the academic calendar for important dates and deadlines.

Academic Information for Transfer Students

Admitted transfer students receive an evaluation of transfer credit in their admission packet. The registrar's office prepares this evaluation, identifying which courses have transferred, which general college requirements have been met, and the general college requirements remaining to be completed.

When you arrive at Reed, you will receive an updated evaluation of transfer credit and the time and location for your first meeting with your adviser. Your adviser will have a copy of your updated transfer credit evaluation. Course descriptions and syllabi from your previous college(s) help professors gain a better sense of the depth and breadth of your completed course work.

If you have questions about transfer credit, contact Ben Bradley, recorder, in the registrar's office, by calling or via email.

Humanities 110

At Reed, one requirement that everyone talks about is Humanities 110. As a transfer student, it may not be necessary for you to take Hum 110, but you are encouraged to take it if you have time in your schedule. Regardless, you will receive a copy of the Iliad and Gilgamesh this summer. Read them and you’ll be prepared to take one of the best courses offered at Reed.


If you need to buy a computer and accessories or if you need computing assistance and support, there are resources available at Reed to help you out.

Reed College Computer Store

ETC 116
You can order Apple computers and accessories at educational discounts from Reed's on-campus computer store. For more information, please call us at 503/777-7253 or email us.

Computer User Services

ETC first floor help desk
Have questions about how computers are used at Reed? Want to know where on campus you can find a wireless signal? Check out our Computing at Reed Q & A for some quick answers. Still have questions? Email us, call 503-777-7525, or chat with us live from the main page of our comprehensive help website.

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