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Appendix B

Survey of student mentor summer experience and school year expectations

Dear __________________,

In order to begin assessing the NSF-AIRE mentoring program, we would like start gathering input from participating students. This survey is meant to offer an initial impression of how the summer training went and of plans for the upcoming school year.

When you have completed the survey, you can let me know that it is ready to be picked up (or you can slip it under my office door if I'm not around). If you would rather meet with me than fill this out, or if you have any questions, just let me know.

Thank you!
Psychology room 107

1) What type of training did you receive this summer? (please check all that apply)
_____ collaborating with professors in conducting summer research
_____ designing course experiments or labs
_____ learning specific skills or strengthening existing skills, including:
      _____ statistics
      _____ computer or other technical equipment knowledge
      _____ library skills
      _____ tutoring/teaching skills
_____ other (please explain):

2) What type of training did you consider to be the most important?

3) What jobs do you anticipate having during the coming school year?
_____ course assistant (If yes, what will this entail?)

_____ laboratory assistant
_____ one-on-one tutoring with respect to course content
_____ group tutoring with respect to course content
_____ one-on-one or group consultation with students regarding design and implementation of research projects
_____ technology or resource support (e.g., fixing/maintaining computer programs or lab equipment)
_____ helping to grade exams, etc.
_____ other (please explain):

4) Will you be working primarily in connection with
_____ Intro. Psychology
_____ upper level courses
_____ both
_____ neither. Instead, I will


5) About how many hours per week do you anticipate working as a mentor for the NSF-AIRE program during the school year? ___________

6) How do you think your involvement in the mentoring program will affect your performance as a student?

7) How has the summer training prepared you for your job in the upcoming school year?


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