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Reed acquires extra "R" from Swarthmore renaming

Portland, Ore (April 1, 2014)--Reed College to change name to Reedier College. When Swarthmore announced today that it was dropping the "r" from its name, renaming it Swathmore to correct 150 years of mispronunciation, Reed College in Portland, Oregon, saw an opportunity to become even Reedier.

"We already had a few extra vowels lying around. So when the extra 'r' fell onto the higher ed naming market place, we seized the opportunity to make Reed, Reedier," says Reed College vice president of naming institutional things, Peter Nomenclature, in a press release that renamed the 101-year olde college.

When asked for the reasoning behind the change, Nomenclature said, "If being Reed is good, being Reedier must be better."