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Reed College Announces New Board Members

Reed College welcomes three new members to the board of trustees, adding years of expertise in the fields of post-secondary education, capital investment, technology, law, public service, and philanthropic work.

Eduardo Ochoa, president of California State University, Monterey Bay, was the former assistant secretary for postsecondary education in the Obama administration. Ochoa is a Reed graduate with a degree in physics from the class of 1973. He went on to complete a master’s degree in nuclear science and engineering at Columbia University and a doctorate in economics from the New School For Social Research.

“There will always be a market for what Reed provides, given its niche and quality,” says Ochoa. “The role that places like Reed can fulfill is to replenish and nourish the leadership of our country so it reflects the diversity of the country.”

Gary E. Rieschel, a graduate of the Reed class of 1979, holds an MBA from Harvard University. He is founder and managing partner of Qiming Venture Partners, a leading venture capital firm in China with over a billion dollars under management. He has founded multiple firms in the U.S. and China including Softbank Venture Capital, Mobius Venture Capital, and Saif Partners. He was a senior executive in the high tech sector at Cisco Systems, Sequent Computer, and Intel before becoming a venture capitalist.

Rieschel’s expertise in high-tech is valuable to Reed, as are the more than 15 years he has spent living in Japan and China. “Technology is both the great leveler and the great divider,” he says.  “Access to it is as necessary for success to an individual and society in the 21st century as access to electricity and water were in the 20th century. But access by itself won’t be enough. How individuals and societies manage the disruption to education, government, media, and social interactions that technology causes will be critical to success as well.”

This is Rieschel’s second appointment to Reed’s board of trustees. He sits on boards for companies in the high tech, medical tech, and energy sectors, and numerous nonprofits. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Adrienne C. Nelson is a Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge in Portland, Oregon, and former president of the Multnomah Bar Foundation. She has served as president of the Oregon State Bar Foundation Board and is currently a member of its Affirmative Action Committee. Nelson was recognized as one of the 100 most powerful women by the Northwest Women’s Journal.

“Reed's reputation as a premier liberal arts college gives all of its graduates a value added education that serves as a solid foundation to begin a career or further one's postgraduate education,” says Nelson.

Nelson holds a BA in English and criminal justice from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and a JD from the University of Texas Law School. After coming to Oregon in 1994, she worked for Standard Insurance Company as a public defender and as senior attorney for Student Legal and Mediation Services at Portland State University.

“I’m excited to welcome Adrienne, Eduardo, and Gary to the board,” says Reed president John R. Kroger. “They believe in Reed’s ability to transform students’ lives and bring ideas and experience about how our graduates can adapt and thrive in any environment.”