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Reed’s Gronke to Testify at Presidential Commission on Election Administration

Portland, Ore (August 8, 2013)--Paul Gronke, professor of political science and director of the Reed College Early Voting Information Center, will testify before the Presidential Commission on Election Administration on Thursday, August 8 in Denver, Colorado.

The bipartisan commission seeks to make voting more accessible and is looking at a wide range of issues that may erect barriers to the election process. Areas of investigation include the location and number of polling stations, the management of voter rolls and poll books, and absentee and early voting.

Gronke was invited to speak as a nationally recognized expert on early voting, which has seen significant increases over the past decade. In the past few elections, roughly 1/3 of votes were cast before Election Day.

Gronke is not an advocate for a certain mode of voting. His testimony will provide an overview of the myriad ways early voting is administered throughout the United States.