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Reed Praised for its Financial Aid Policy

In the Inside Higher Ed story “Merit Consideration,” reporter Kevin Kiley explains the various financial aid distribution models for public and private colleges and universities. The story is based on a New America Foundation report, which found that many tuition-discounting models are making it more difficult for low-income students to afford a college education. The report praises Reed College for its financial aid policy of meeting all demonstrated student financial need, and for not awarding merit aid as a recruitment tool in the way many schools do to boost thier standing in college rankings, such as U.S. News and World Report.

From the story:
A handful of non-wealthy private institutions also enroll large numbers of low-income students while keeping prices low. In this group Burd includes Reed College, Beloit College and Gallaudet University. These institutions accomplish this feat in different ways, but often it is achieved by not seeking prestige. Burd spotlights Reed, which is a respected liberal arts college but does not top rankings. The college’s previous president raised large amounts of money and refused to spend it on merit aid.

“It really is a question of leadership,” Burd said, pointing to the difference between such institutions and others with similar finances.

Inside Higher Ed, "Merit Consideration" May 8, 2013