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Reed Alumni Honor Shirley Gittelsohn '49 and Constance Putnam '65

Portland, OR (June 10, 2010) -- Shirley Gittelsohn ‘49 and Constance Putnam ‘65 were this year’s Foster-Scholz Award recipients. The award honors two Reed alumni who have made major contributions to the community and Reed College and who are celebrating their 50th and 60th reunion.

Gittelsohn has been vice chair of the Oregon Arts Commission; governor’s representative to the Western States Arts Association; and a member of both the Portland Performing Arts Center selection committee and the Cannon Beach Arts Complex planning committee. In addition to the regional arts community, she has provided her support to Jewish agencies and organizations, higher education, and various political causes. She serves on the Reed alumni board and is an active member of the Reed community.

Paintings and Reflections, a retrospective of her art from 1958 to the present, was published in 2009 and celebrated in an exhibition in the Vollum College Center.

Constance Putnam is a published and celebrated scholar, an active member of the Reed alumni association, and a dedicated community volunteer. She has served Reed in myriad ways: participating in the current Reed Campaign Committee–Boston and in the National Advisory Council; as an admission volunteer; and as an alumni board member. Putnam is a native New Englander, who has had a visible presence in her hometown, Concord, Massachusetts, where she has served on the Concord Human Rights Council and as a board member for Concord Family Services.

Her scholarly pursuits on medical history and medical ethics include the publications The Science We Have Loved and Taught: Dartmouth Medical School’s First Two Centuries (2004); Hospice or Hemlock?: Searching for Heroic Compassion (2002); Improve, Perfect, & Perpetuate: Dr. Nathan Smith and Early American Medical Education, with Oliver S. Hayward (1998); and In Spite of Innocence, with Michael Radelet and Hugo Bedau (1992). She was a Fulbright scholar in 2005.