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Three Reed College Students Chosen for Prestigious Fulbright Awards

Seventy-one Reed students have earned Fulbright awards since 1966.

PORTLAND, OR (July 28, 2008) -- Reed College produced three Fulbright scholars from the 2007-08 academic year. Lauren Abman, a Russian major from Colorado; Elizabeth Alexy, an economics major from Ohio; and Andra Brosy, an English major from Portland, all of whom are graduating seniors, join the 68 Reed students who have earned the award since 1966.

According to Paul DeYoung, Reed’s director of international programs, the college has been repeatedly recognized by the Institute of International Education as one of the top producers of Fulbright scholars in the country. The number of Fulbright scholars from Reed is “particularly impressive given its relative size,” observed DeYoung, who also notes that Reed students compete with masters and doctoral students to earn their Fulbright awards.  DeYoung credited Reed’s high output of Fulbright scholars to “a combination of excellent students with an active faculty who work closely with them.”

Lauren Abman

Lauren Abman plans to study the handmade artist book at the Smolny Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, in St. Petersburg, Russia. She will be studying under professor of art history Gleb Ershov and bookmaking artist Yuri Shtapokov. Abman hopes to draw from the experience an appreciation of the “oddly and aggressively anachronistic hybrid artistic genre” encapsulated in the artist book. Her goal is to write an essay covering the phenomenon of the St. Petersburg artist book in the form of her own artist book. "I was almost an art major,” admitted Abman.  “With this project, I can combine art and literature." After completing her Fulbright studies Abman intends to pursue a master’s degree with a focus on either arts administration and policy, or design.

Elizabeth Alexy

Elizabeth Alexy will be traveling to Malaysia to teach English as a second language. Reed professor of economics Noel Netusil described Alexy as “highly regarded by Reed faculty and her fellow students.”

Economics professor Jeffery Parker said, “She is exceptionally hard-working and very bright.” During her tenure at Reed, Alexy tutored for both the economics and biology departments, held several on-campus positions, and actively volunteered.

Andra Brosy

Brosy, like Alexy, won a teaching award and will be traveling to Chile. “She was an outstanding student, a spark plug in conference discussions, and an excellent thinker and writer,” observed Reed English professor Ellen Stauder. “While her intelligence and thoughtfulness were always apparent, she wore her abilities with grace, showing herself to be a very fine listener and always concerned about others. Modest and unassuming in her demeanor, she was clearly looked up to by many others in the conference, including me.” 

Fulbright Scholar Program

The Fulbright program provides students with the chance to exchange values, knowledge, and ideas with citizens and institutions abroad. It was founded under legislation drawn up by the late Senator J. William Fulbright in 1946, and is sponsored by the United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. In the words of Fulbright, “it is a modest program with an immodest aim–the achievement in international affairs of a regime more civilized, rational, and humane than the empty system of power of the past.” Today, the Fulbright program operates in more than 150 countries and its scholarships are among the most highly coveted academic awards worldwide. 

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