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Applications Up Nearly 100 Percent at Reed College Since 2001

Reed Class of 2011 chosen from a record pool of 3,363 applications.

PORTLAND, OR (March 26, 2007) – For the fifth year in a row, applications to Reed College have broken records. An all-time high of 3,363 students have applied for the 330 freshman spaces available in the Reed class of 2011. "This represents a 94 percent increase in applicants since 2001," said Paul Marthers, Dean of Admission. Marthers speculated that the rising tide of applications has resulted from Reed's increased national outreach efforts, growing public awareness beyond the traditional East and West coast markets of the college's intellectual strength, and the continued popularity of the Pacific Northwest, especially of Portland, as a destination of choice for college students.

Reed provides one of the nation's most intellectually rigorous undergraduate experiences, with a highly structured academic program balancing broad distribution requirements and in-depth study in a chosen academic discipline.

Marthers said he anticipates that Reed will offer admission to approximately 33 percent of those who have applied this year, down from 40 percent last year. Following the mailing of decision letters on or before March 29, the college will host hundreds of visitors to campus and hold receptions and other activities for admitted students and their families throughout the month of April.