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Reed College admits Class of 2010

Reed College has selected 1,201 students for admission from a record-breaking pool of 3,051 applicants.

PORTLAND, OR (April 5, 2006) – Reed College has selected 1,201 students for admission from a record-breaking pool of 3,051 applicants. The overall admission rate for the class of 2010 is 39.4 percent, the first time since Reed has tracked such data that it has offered admission to fewer than 40 percent of its applicants.

Reed's fourth consecutive rise in applications – a 15 percent increase from last year's total and a 76 percent increase since 2001 – seems to reflect increased awareness of Reed in all sections of the country. While Reed continues to draw more students from California than from any other state, followed by the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast, the college has made significant inroads in the Southwest, the South and the Midwest in recent years.

Of the 1,201 students admitted, 369 – or 30.3 percent – self-identify as students of color, a record for the college. "The increased diversity is a result of the college's ongoing efforts to attract qualified students from all ethnic backgrounds," says Paul Marthers, dean of admission. Forty-eight states and the District of Columbia are represented in the admitted class. Including American citizens living abroad, 73 students from 33 countries were admitted; in all, foreign citizens comprise 4.3 percent of students selected for admission.

The average SAT (1401) and ACT (31) scores of the admitted class are comparable to those of previous years. Many of the students admitted to Reed have weighted grade point averages that are higher than 4.0, with the average GPA at 3.978. Reed's admitted class this year includes at least 116 high school valedictorians. Of admitted students who chose to report class rank, 76 percent are in the top 10 percent of their graduating high school class and 89 percent in the top 20 percent.

"Reed takes a holistic approach to admission," Marthers said. "We look for evidence of intellectual energy and the ability to navigate a rigorous curriculum. We don't simply do admission by the numbers. But, when all is said and done, Reed's admission numbers are strong – in part because the college attracts a self-selected pool of high achievers looking for a place where love of learning is prized."

Between now and May 1, the deadline for candidates' replies, Reed will play host to admitted students and their families as they soak up the life of Reed College. During Reed Activity Days (RAD), scheduled from Thursday, April 13, through Monday, April 17, admitted students visit classes, stay overnight in the dorms and share ideas with Reedies.