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Red76's "Blowback," on view February 1-March 27, 2005

TITLE:             " Blowback"

Conducted during the summer of 2004 at the Drawing Center in New York City, Red76's "NY Public Archive" project created a space for people to record their stories and thoughts. Utilizing the more than 2,000 narratives submitted to the archive, Red76 wove these stories into the fabric of the daily life of New York's five boroughs through strategically distributed posters, stickers, and books. For Case Works, Red76 exhibits the original archive, documentation of the ensuing projects, related books, and ephemera.

WHO:             Red76 arts collective

WHEN:          February 1 through March 27, 2005    

(OPENING RECEPTION: 8 p.m., Wednesday, February 9, in the lobby of the Eric V. Hauser Memorial Library)

WHERE:         Eric V. Hauser Memorial Library & Kaul Auditorium Foyer, Reed College

COST:             Free and open to the public

CONTACT: For more information, the public is asked to visit or call the Cooley Gallery at 503/777-7790.

"Blowback": Project description by Red76 artist Sam Gould
"In the summer of 2004, Red76 was asked to take part in an exhibition called Playpen at the Drawing Center in New York City. For this show we created the New York Public Archive. The project, housed in the Drawing Center's Drawing Room Annex (an exhibition space located across the street from the main space, accessed through a roll up garage door) was outfitted with a number of voting booths that folded out from metal suitcases. The insides of the booths were retrofitted into drawing tables. Colored pencils were provided with each voting booth. Within the space, along with the booths, there was hand written text on the walls explaining the project, and a list of instructions. A sign welcoming people to the New York Public Archive, made out of construction paper, was tacked up at the far end of the space. Along with all of this there was a column of drawing paper (restocked each day by the Drawing Center staff) and a large plywood box to drop submissions into.

"The thrust of the New York Public Archive was to invite the public into the space to write and draw whatever it was that they might have been thinking, feeling, seeing on the streets and in their homes in New York that summer. All in all we received roughly two thousand submissions. Pleas for peace, confessions of infidelity, lists of things people had seen that days, abstractions, love notes, diary entries, and tons more.

"From the beginning the point was to glean an archive of the thoughts and hopes of random New Yorker's and redistribute the material back to the citizens of New York to facilitate the sharing of stories. The power of openness.

"This December, through a variety of different means, we are doing just that. Culled directly from submissions to the New York Public Archive we are disseminating the submissions to the archive back onto the streets of New York. Through the use of stickers (14 different kinds), a matchbook (in an edition of 2500), a book, postcards (3000 of them in all mailed out randomly to various New Yorker's), t-shirts, buttons, door hangers, and more, we hope to spread these thoughts far and wide to the five boroughs. All in all over 11,000 separate multiples have been produced from archive submissions and sent back out to the New York public at large."

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