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Portland, OR (November 26, 2003) - Reed College's dance department will present its annual winter student concert , featuring contemporary choreography by Reed students and as well as performances by Reed's African, flamenco, and ballroom dance classes directed by choreographers Obo Addy, Rafaella de Cadiz, and Scott Qazzaz. The winter dance concert will be presented Saturday and Sunday, December 13 and 14, at 8 p.m. in Gym II of the Reed College sports center .

Tickets are available at the door for $3 general admission, $2 for senior citizens, and $1 for Reed students, faculty, and staff.

Reed's Dance Department

The dance program at Reed emphasizes the Western modern dance tradition because it provides a conceptual framework for investigating many forms of dance and because it allows students to understand current advances in the field. This tradition challenges students to learn and create new movement vocabularies. It also encourages students to find new perspectives by which to see, question, understand, and evaluate the expressive possibilities of the human body moving in space and time.

Guest Choreographers

Obo Addy , the son of a Wonche medicine man in Ghana, was designated a "master drummer" at the age of six and was later employed by the Arts Council of Ghana as a scholar and master of the national music. In 1972 he and his brothers performed at the Olympic Games in Munich and embarked on an international tour. In 1978 Addy moved to the United States and settled in Portland, where he launched Homowo (harvest time), a non-profit organization featuring an annual festival that has introduced thousands of people to the music of Ghana. He conducts numerous in-school residencies and leads two ensembles that tour nationally: Okropong, dedicated to traditional tribal music of Ghana, and Kukrudu, which performs an original type of music much like African Highlife.

Born and raised in Cadiz, Spain, Rafaella de Cadiz has been dancing Flamenco since she was a little girl. She is the director of Viva Flamenco, a local Flamenco group offering authentic Flamenco song and dance. Since 1975, she has tried to raise awareness about the art of Flamenco within the Portland community. She says, "I want more people to feel the passion and power of this art form. Flamenco dance is very therapeutic and nourishes both the soul and spirit."

Scott Qazzaz was introduced to ballroom dancing by his parents, who would dance with him around the house. Much of his formal ballroom training was gained from work with Bonita Vandersel of Cincinnati, Lola Volair of Vancouver, BC and Statislov Papov of Russia. He also trained at Fred Astaire and Arthur Murray Dance Studios where he worked as a dance instructor from 1989 to 1995. Since then, he has been teaching private and group lessons at various locations, including Reed.

For more information on the Reed College dance concert, visit the Reed events site or call the Reed events line at 503/777-7755.

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