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Each year Reed College gives students a chance to complement their academic studies by funding summer internships in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors for work in the community and on the environment. Reed students Cody Bambino ‘05, Margaret Boyle ‘05, Bettina Fairman ‘05, Ashly Hinmon ‘04, Amber Kingery ‘05, and Leigh Ann Sellers ‘04 recently received McGill-Lawrence awards from Reed. Additionally, Sarah Klain ‘03 and Shizuko Hashimoto ‘04 received awards from the Reed Environmental Activism Fund (REAF) for summer internships focusing on the environment.

  Summer 2003 McGill-Lawrence recipients
Cody Bambino, of Redding, California, will be working with Outside In, a nonprofit clinic whose commitment to providing basic medical and health services to their clients, most of whom are street youth, is renowned throughout the Portland community. Bambino will be working with Outside In's risk education department, coordinating a diverse array of new programming, while ensuring that the clients, volunteers, and staff involved feel that their needs have been put into action and that the clinic's mission is honored.

Margaret Boyle, of Los Angeles, California, and Bettina Fairman, of São Paulo, Brazil, will translate a play from English to Spanish for the nonprofit theater group Santa Monica Playhouse. After its translation, the play, Dear Gabby: The Confessions of an Over-Achiever, will tour public schools in the greater Los Angeles area with the playhouse's diversity-in-education program and will later reach abled and disabled Cuban children in partnership with La Colmenita, the National Children's Theatre of Cuba.

Ashly Hinmon, of Portland, Oregon, has been offered an internship with the Portland Women’s Crisis Line (PWCL), a nonprofit organization that provides assistance to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. PWCL's goal is to empower women to free themselves from all forms of violence and oppression. Her current training as a crisis line advocate will be expanded this summer through training that will allow her to directly work with survivors of sexual assault.

Amber Kingery, of Indianola, Iowa, will be working with the Des Moines public school system this summer with the district's early elementary summer literacy programs and head start division. Kingery plans to learn more about the inner workings of a large school district, become better acquainted with the head start program, and help improve the equal distribution of a quality education for Des Moines youth.

Leigh Ann Sellers, of Smithfield, North Carolina, plans to take part in the Nation Internship Program in New York, which provides a practical and comprehensive internship program for students interested in magazine journalism and publishing. The Nation Institute is a nonprofit foundation that supports research, conferences, seminars, educational programs, and independent media with an emphasis on social justice, civil liberties, and cultural politics.

Summer 2003 REAF recipients
Shizuko Hashimoto, of Rumord, Maine, will be traveling to Durika, Costa Rica, to a community that was set up as a model of sustainable development by a group of Costa Ricans in the 1980s. Her project will include learning about organic farming in a tropical setting, studying the organizational structure of a sustainable community, and volunteering at a clinic to explore public health challenges faced by poor rural communities.

Sarah Klain, of Falmouth, Maine, will be working with the environmental group Ecotrust to assess the potential environmental and economic consequences of fishery closures off the coast of Oregon. She will create maps documenting the present state of various fisheries and survey fishermen about current fishing practices, quantity of catches, and trends in fishing. The information that Ecotrust provides for the state will be critical for the establishment of Marine Protected Areas.

Originally funded by a bequest from Marian McGill Lawrence, a longtime friend of Reed College, the McGill-Lawrence internship awards are intended to help cultivate an environment of understanding and respect for varying cultures. At least 50 percent of the funds awarded go to proposals that bring students in contact with ethnically and culturally diverse populations.

The REAF internship award, made possible through the Nicholas Lovejoy Fund, supports Reed students who have a demonstrated commitment to environmental activism with the funding necessary to complement their academic studies with a summer internship related to their activism.

Reed College, in Portland, Oregon, is an undergraduate institution of the liberal arts and sciences dedicated to sustaining the highest intellectual standards in the country. With an enrollment of about 1,360 students, Reed ranks third in the undergraduate origins of Ph.D.s in the United States and second in the number of Rhodes scholars from a liberal arts college (31 since 1915).

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