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Acclaimed music and dance ensemble Al-Andalus will perform Vision, a concert of international understanding, peace, and goodwill, and celebrate their new CD release on Friday and Saturday, March 8 and 9, at 8 p.m. in the Reed College chapel. Tickets will cost $14 for general audiences, and $9 for students, seniors, and green card holders with ID. Advance tickets may be purchased by calling 503/777-7577. The performance is co-sponsored by the Reed College music department. For more information, call Julia Banzi of Al-Andalus at 503/230-2379 or the Reed events hotline at 503/777-7755.

Al-Andalus focuses on music inspired by Moorish-ruled Spain during the 8th to 15th centuries. Throughout this time, Muslims, Jews, and Christians lived peacefully side by side in an inspired cultural exchange of the sciences and arts. Vision will feature the music, dance, and poetry of Arabic, Ladino (Sephardic Jewish) Spanish, and southern Indian cultures with new contemporary compositions.

The program will combine elegant flamenco dance with rich and unusual instrumentation such as the oud (parent of the renaissance lute), the ney (Arabic reed flute), the darbuka (ceramic drum), and vocal styles of the far East, India, and Spain, blended with jazz piano. In addition, the performance will be enhanced by sculptures and projections creating a uniquely rich visual and aural atmosphere.

Highlights of the program include Jinete, a rich interplay of flamenco dance and sonorous instrumentation rooted in the poetry of Spanish poet Garcia Lorca; Secrets, an ambient-rich lament on solo ney that, in combination with piano, guitar, and hand percussion, turns into a mournful melody; Afgano, a traditional song from Afghanistan translated into a slowly limping but stately instrumental number; and Yo M’Enamori, an ancient Sephardic tune with a plain but haunting melody sung in the original Ladino language of the Spanish Jews.

Featured in Al-Andalus will be native Moroccan Tarik Banzi (oud, ney, percussion), Ranjani Krishnan ‘98 (vocals in Tamil, Ladino Sephardic Jewish, Urdu, classical Arabic, Spanish, and Hindu) from southern India, Martin Zarzar (percussion) from Peru, Joe Heinemann (jazz piano), Billy Oskay (violin), and Julia Banzi (flamenco guitar). Special guest artist Ana Montes will dance the flamenco, and Alva Bradford will complete the ensemble with her sculptures and projections.