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Sunlight, Solitude, Democracy, Home . . . Photographs by Robert Adams will open at Reed College's Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery on November 20 and remain on view through December 30. The Cooley Gallery is open every day except Monday from noon to 5 p.m. The gallery is in Reed's library. Parking is available nearby, and the #19 bus stops on Woodstock at the campus entrance near the library. For more information, please call 503/777-7790.

The exhibition consists of 80 photographs MacArthur fellow Robert Adams has taken since the late 1960s that have decisively changed the ways many think about the American West. This exhibition, curated by Cooley Gallery director and curator Susan Fillin-Yeh and writer and photographer Leo Rubinfien ’74, surveys Adams's work since its beginnings to offer a fresh thematic approach to his art. The curators, who wish to emphasize close looking at Adams's photographs, feel that, as Fillin-Yeh has written, "the glory of Adams's photographs goes beyond their subjects. . . to consider the art in Adams's art."

The exhibition is divided into thematic categories, suggested by Rubinfien, that cut across the chronological sequence and geographical settings through which Adams's art is usually understood: sunlight, solitude, wreckage, flowering, artifact, citizen, democracy, scintillae, home, and innocence.

An illustrated exhibition catalogue with essays by Fillin-Yeh and Rubinfien, a checklist, and a bibliography accompanies the exhibition. Rubinfien's essay examines "the magical way in which Adams's work extracts hope from the deepest skepticism." Fillin-Yeh looks at Adams's art as the photography of exile and draws on methodology from cultural and literary studies of displacement as well as art historical analysis. Among the lenders to the exhibition are the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Philadelphia Art Museum, the Denver Art Museum, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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