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David Schiff named first R.P. Wollenberg Professor of Music

Reed College has established the R.P. Wollenberg Chair in Music in honor of Richard P. "Dick" Wollenberg, trustee and former chairman of the Reed board. Professor of music David Schiff has been named the first R.P. Wollenberg Professor of Music.

"Dick Wollenberg has never faltered in his loyalty to this institution," said Reed president Steven Koblik in announcing the chair on October 2. "His appreciation of Reed's values, students, and faculty is deep and abiding. He is a strong proponent of the importance of a liberal arts education. Reed wishes to honor Dick as he has honored us and to embed within the institution a visible marker of his enduring legacy to this college." Koblik went on to note the appropriateness of a Wollenberg chair by citing Wollenberg's lifelong love of music and his accomplishments as a musician: he plays seven instruments and performs with the Southwest Washington Symphony.

Walter Mintz, chairman of the Reed board of trustees, said of Wollenberg that "He has been instrumental in guiding the college through some very turbulent times and some genuine crises. He was able to do this because of his superb intelligence, his unequivocal commitment to Reed, and his willingness to work very, very hard at being a trustee."

Educated at Berkeley and Harvard, Wollenberg, president and CEO of Longview Fibre Company in Longview Washington, has been an indefatigable supporter of the college since joining the Reed board 36 years ago. He was chairman of the Reed board from 1982 to 1991. Acknowledging the honor he had received by the naming of the Wollenberg chair, he said that Reed is a very important place in that it provides an environment for bright students that challenges them to think critically and in turn helps them become more effective citizens.

David Schiff has been a member of the Reed faculty since 1980. He graduated from Columbia College (B.A.), Clare College, Cambridge University (M.A.), Columbia University (M. Phil.), Manhattan School of Music (M.M.A.), and the Juilliard School of Music (D.M.A.). An accomplished composer as well as an excellent and dedicated teacher, Schiff has received numerous prestigious awards for music composition from the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), to support "the growth and development of our nation's musical future." Most recently, his compositions have been performed in Lincoln Center in New York and in Seattle, and his work will be performed soon again in Portland. A prolific writer in his discipline, he also writes frequently for major American publications including the New York Times and the Atlantic Monthly.